A popular design choice as an architectural detail, Anodized Aluminum has a factory-fused finish that is available in an abundant array of colors.

Once installed however, anodized aluminum may be subject to the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays as well as atmospheric contaminants, industrial pollutants and continuous exposure to window cleaning chemicals, cement run-off and daily wear-and-tear.

Over time, these elements lead to a build up of oxidation on the surface of the anodized aluminum, commonly referred to as “chalking”, which must be cleaned and then maintained on a regular basis to preserve it’s electrolytic finish.

Depending on the existing condition, Vincent Allen will restore your aluminum details by utilizing one of the following methods:

Wipe-On Sealant Process

For routine maintenance, our team uses a cleaning agent formulated exclusively to remove any oxidized build-ups on the anodized aluminum. The metal is then coated with a wipe-on sealer, which rejuvenates the original color and once again protects its surface.

Complete Restoration Process

For heavily damaged surfaces, the anodized aluminum is scuff-sanded with a fine abrasive pad. If necessary, all dents, scratches and holes are filled in and meticulously sanded to blend with the metal’s original surface.