The increasingly popular design of oxidizing and blackening brings out the metal's hidden natural colors to fit in with modern architectural designs.

The process of blackening and oxidizing works generally the same way on stainless steel, carbon-steel, brass, bronze, and copper. While black is the most popular color, our different oxidizing agents can yield colors from light brown, dark brown, gray, blue, and more. What sets our oxidation process above painting is in the chemical reaction that darkens the metal giving it a much richer color.

Vincent Allen will not only oxidize and blacken metal, we also take metal in all conditions. We first clean and prep it to remove grease, dirt, and welding marks. The oxidation agents used will then react with the metal to form a darkened surface which still shows the metal's natural grain. The metal is then coated with a protective lacquer to preserve it for years on end. The finished product is a sensational piece for modern architecture. It can easily fit in as eye-catching art, or subtle decor.