The irresistible combination of strength and sleek, attractive appearance has led to an increased utilization of Stainless Steel as an architectural design choice for a variety of purposes.

Despite its name, Stainless Steel can easily become stained. It’s pristine beauty is also at risk if restoration is performed incorrectly by non-professional metal refinishers. Due to the hard alloy properties of Stainless Steel a large investment in time and care by professional restoration specialists is then required to return Stainless Steel to it’s original, unblemished appearance.

Depending on the existing condition, Vincent Allen will remove any cross-graining, rust or other imperfections to restore your Stainless Steel to it’s original luster. Then to protect your investment, we will apply a finishing coat to eliminate the need for daily cleaning and protect from the elements.

Mirror Finish This finish has high reflectivity. To maintain a mirror finish, all scratches, nicks and imperfections must first be removed. We polish the surface, then buff to mirror reflectivity. A protective surface coating is then applied. To keep the surface cleaned and unmarred, professional restoration on a regular basis is required.

Brush Finish This finish has as satin reflectivity. Brushed metal finishing is an effective method for hiding surface imperfections. We restore the metal, then create a uniform, parallel grain surface texture. A protective surface coating is then applied.