With a rich history and classic beauty, Brass and Bronze have been used as architectural accents for thousands of years.

In more recent times, brass has been introduced as a modern equivalent to add superior warmth, longevity, and reverence to a building’s design. Although both metals posses an innate durability, they are susceptible to natural detriments such as acid rain, industrial pollutants and daily wear-and-tear. However, their original luster can also be readily restored and protected even after years of neglect.

Depending on the element’s existing condition, Vincent Allen will restore your brass and/or bronze details to its original surface finish finishes to protect your investment.

Mirror Finish
This finish has high reflectivity. To maintain a mirror finish, all scratches, nicks and imperfections must first be removed. We polish the surface, then buff to mirror reflectivity. A protective surface coating is then applied.

Brush Finish
This finish has as satin reflectivity. Brushed metal finishing is an effective method for hiding surface imperfections. We restore the metal, then create a uniform, parallel grain surface texture. A protective surface coating is then applied.